Covid-19 Security Protocols

Everyone’s safety is paramount

New security guidelines for Covid 19 applied at Hotel Monaco:

As you know, we are experiencing a new Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the past few weeks have been challenging for the whole world.

Thinking about the safety of our guests and our collaborators, the Hotel Monaco, according to the guidelines of the security agencies, has prepared a booklet of procedures to be carried out.

Check the procedures segmented by areas of the hotel below:

Hotel Sanitization Process - COVID-19 Security Protocols

Responsible Tourism Seal – Ministry of Tourism

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, our focus has always been on ensuring the maximum security for our guests.

As a result, we received a “Clean and Safe Responsible Tourism” stamp from the Ministry of Tourism: this means that our hotel has undergone a strict inspection and it has been proven that we have followed all necessary hygiene protocols! We are a family owned and operated business.

Scan here and see our Clean and Safe Responsible Tourism label:


• All rooms are carefully and completely cleaned, with their own materials and indicated by ANVISA, right after our guests leave.

• We will provide Totem with alcohol gel for hand hygiene and a handkerchief moistened with alcohol for cleaning bags.

• For greater safety of employees and guests, the room will be cleaned after 48 hours of stay, upon request of the guest.

• Gym and games room can be used, by prior appointment at the hotel reception, in these spaces the maximum number of people is 3 per hour, thus maintaining a safe distance.

• Check-out apartments will be cleaned after 24 hours with open windows to avoid contamination.

• The hotel has a special cleaning team for our common areas, reception, gym, games room, restaurants and bathrooms, ensuring total hygiene of the areas.

• All receptionists and employees responsible for some type of service to our guests, use safety equipment in accordance with the requirement of the Ministry of Health.

• If the guest needs to exchange keys, he will receive a new key that is completely sanitized and yours will be deposited in a designated location.

• All products used by Hotel Monaco for cleaning and sanitization are certified products and recommended by ANVISA.

• In case of need for any maintenance in the room, it must be carried out with the guest outside the room. (Except in cases of problems with the safe, in this case the guest and responsible employee must keep a distance of 1.5 meters, in addition to the use of masks by everyone).

A & B

• With the reopening of our Monte Carlo restaurant, ensuring the safety of our customers, developing or accessing the card via QR Code, distributed at each table, where the customer can access their own cell phone using virus propagation via contact.

• Our restaurants are respecting the distance requested by Organs competent bodies, with tables with a maximum of 4 people (from the same family or who are together) with a spacing of 1.5 meters between them.

• Breakfast served in individual portions by our Maître and team who will present the menu with the options of the day in three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese.

• The entire responsible team uses protective equipment and our waiters serve with gloves and a mask.

• Our buffet service will be modified due to security measures, our team will serve our customers according to the buffet options on the day.

• In the A La Carte service, the service continues with the same excellence and agility as always, maintaining all the requested safety standards.

• Our Room Service service will continue to work with the waiter delivering the meal at the door of the room, thus maintaining distance.

• To collect the utensils, the guest will leave the items for the collection of our team outside the apartment.

• Our Frigobar service will be replaced only after the guest leaves, where all the product will be cleaned upon receipt and before being placed in the apartment.


• Use of a mask by all participants (staff, exhibitors, congressmen, speakers, collaborators), throughout the event (assembly, realization, disassembly, delivery of materials and handling of loads) – Mandatory.

• Seats during the event must be 01 meter apart, or skip a seat – Mandatory.

• If at any point during the event there is a queue, the distance must be 1.5m between people – Mandatory.

• We will redouble the frequency of cleaning and sanitizing toilets, changing rooms, convention rooms, hall and general environments – Recommended.

• Consider having a coffee break inside the room – Recommended.

• If the coffee break is outside the room, that is in an island format and with an employee serving, all material must be disposable – Recommended.

• In event rooms, you should have alcohol gel, alcohol with disposable handkerchiefs for cleaning bags, waste basket, temperature monitoring – Mandatory.

• Cleaning of PEI materials, equipment and materials in general – Mandatory.

• Guide customers not to share objects, such as pens, glasses, cards, etc. – Recommended.

• Keep the environment ventilated, with doors and windows open, avoid the use of mechanical air conditioning and fans. When air conditioning is the only ventilation option, perform the proper maintenance and cleaning of the system – Mandatory.

• Keep contact of the person responsible for the event held for 30 days, the names of the participants, as well as the outsourced workers and employees of the day. And ask them to contact you if someone has symptoms of Covid-19.

General guidelines on cleaning spaces

• We clean carpets, rugs and curtains using soap and water and products suitable for these surfaces, in the washable items we use the manufacturer’s product instructions. The washing machine is programmed to use the hot water wash cycle and the dryer also according to ANVISA’s instructions.

• We redouble the cleaning in the most touched areas, such as door handles, television control, stair railing, elevator buttons, etc. 60 to 80% alcohol is used.

• Our employees responsible for the Cleaning and Disinfection Plan – PLD – use Personal Protective Equipment – EPI as established in RDC 56/2008.

• All of our suppliers and service providers are aware of and following our hygiene guidance protocol.

Individual contagion prevention practices

Hotel Sanitization – Safety first

We carry out a Sanitization process throughout the Hotel to maintain and guarantee the safety and well-being of everyone!

Sanitization in the environment is a thorough and effective cleaning process for virus prevention, capable of combating and eliminating resistant microorganisms, which are not eliminated with common cleaning.

It is a highly effective service for preventing viruses, together with other process measures such as Nano UV-C, Disinfection, Purification of the environment, Oxy-Sanitization and Sanitization.

Sanitization can be applied to any built structure, such as walls, floors, doors, ceilings, ceilings, among others.


To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, it is necessary to follow some recommendations when using the elevators:

Use the elevator individually or only with guests from the same apartment. Elevator full? Please wait for the next one, caution and prevention are essential.


All of the items mentioned above followed the recommendations of the following bodies:

1. Brazilian Association of Event Companies – ABEOC BRASIL (;

2. Brazilian Union of Fair Promoters – UBRAFE (;

3. COVID-19 Resumption Protocol. Secretary of Tourism – State Government / São Paulo;

4. Protocol for Quarantine of Travelers in Hotels – National Health Surveillance Agency – ANVISA Brasília / April 2020;

5. Standards regulated by the Ministry of Health and Tourism.

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